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File Commander helps you save time when organizing the files on your disk
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File Commander, despite its name, is not the usual file management tool; it will help you to build automated file management tasks such as copying, moving, deleting, renaming, or a combination of all of the above. If you're tired of doing any of these tasks manually on the same folders, then this is the tool for you.

Its interface is extremely user-friendly and there's a wizard to guide you through a few steps of creating a task. The tasks are stored as files that will later be opened by the File Commander, you can specify where to store these files and what actions will be done upon your double-clicking on them.

As an example, I tried to run a backup of images from one folder to my USB pen-drive. I only wanted JPG files to be copied (which can be done as the File Commander provides the ability to filter file types). At the end of the wizard's process, a file was created on my desktop, and now all I needed to do was click on it to perform the backup. No annoying windows were shown, no pop-up messages, just a "Success" sound that was produced to let me know that everything had finished correctly.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Clean user interface
  • Flexible
  • Useful


  • By default, there is no "overwrite" option, so cleaning the destination folder is required prior to making a backup
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